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Friday, February 29, 2008

Art makes everything more beautiful!

Cha Chas. I already have some great stories about Cha Chas thanks to Cesar, where you can find my bandmates and I playing on certain given Wednesdays, as well as listen to spoken word, comedy, and all the creative fabulousness that comes from the folks in my 'circle'. I'm not going to go into all those fun stories thogh, I'm going to tell you about the bathroom.
It's FABULOUS! The first time I stepped through the door I was infatuated with the vibrant colors, & mesmorized that they spent so much time painting a bathroom! It was obviously worth it because I managed to stand there in front of the huge mirror and take tons of pictures. I was sure someone would walk in and think I was crazy, but I have an everlasting urge to document such pleasant surprises in life. I never thought I'd call a bathroom a 'pleasant surprise', but it's a great metaphor for the intricacies of life. I think the last time I was infatuated with a bathroom was when I was a child at the Madonna Inn. They had a huge waterfall wall for the gentlemen to relieve themselves into. Yes, I snuck in to see it!
Picasso's influence is stated dramatically. It immediately reminded me of his "Guernica", but Guernica's pallette is utterly lifeless, an artistic statement. This bathroom has some color!
BRAVO! to whomever did it?

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