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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Playing Live at the San Pedro Art Festival

We had an awesome show at the San Pedro Art Festival! We played our entire set and included many never heard before songs. We did a couple extra covers, and a few solos: I sang Patty Griffin's 'Top of the World' accompanied by my guitar playing. Chris the drummer also opted for a song on guitar: 'Arms Wide Open'. The other covers we did were "With or Without You" and "I'll Stop the World and Melt With You". Original songs included Way to Go, Place We've Never Been, Sunday Morning, Stick Around, Long Day, Killing Mice with Swords, Words of Me, Righteous Moon Walkers, Envy, & Believa'. Thanks so much to everyone who came! We LOVE our fans SOOOO much, especially Linda Hogensen, who is so sweet to take videos every chance she gets! Thank you Linda! Stay tuned for more show updates from IL Faye! Louie_Lead Vocals / Cesar_Bass / Laurel_Vocals & Piano / Khen_Guitar / Chris_Drums

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