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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'Lydia' at the Marin Theatre Company

We took a trip to San Francisco to see our dear friend, Gloria Garayua in opening night of 'Lydia' by Octavio Solis at the Marin Theatre Company. Gloria plays a young girl suffering from brain damage, and the trials of her family who are doing everything they can to keep it together. Gloria's portrayal of this young woman is joltingly beautiful; both hard to watch and exasperatingly poetic. The beauty and horror of life are entwined as we watch the family unravel in the midst of heartbreak. The show runs until April 12th, so hurry and get tickets while you can! Here's the link: http://www.marintheatre.org/main_stage/main_stage_08-09/lydia.php

and here is a video I found on Gloria's Myspace, which shows scenes from the show.

Thanks to Gloria, Octavio, and the whole cast, who welcomed me with open arms at 4 in the morning! 'Twas a night of fabulous memories!

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