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Thursday, May 21, 2009

We had a very special artshow this month. Thanks to my Dad, we have a tent to house our 'wares', and thanks to Louie, I always have a partner in 'prime'. The first newcomer to the set was a cute little quartet of handpainted ladybug rocks. On a recent trip to Lake Havasu with my friend Wit, she brought a rock painting book, and we went wild! I painted a ladybug and 'prosperity' in chinese script for Randy, our host, and an elephant for Wit's mom. My favorite part about it all, is, like the elephant, I was able to paint a 3-dimensional being. If you turn the rock you can see his face, his trunk from all angles, the bottom of his 4 feet, his toenails. I started painting rocks, but like all pieces, it takes soo much time, so I started with the ladies. Eventually I will have all kinds of things, but it all takes time, so stay tuned!
The Artshow went well. I sold 2 pieces. One to Gabriel, who has before commisioned "gabriel's tree", and one to a 4 year boy, who next to his parents told me why he loved Obama. It was an Obama piece. 2 of my best gals came & stayed all day, bearing gifts and food. It was FABulous! We shall do it again.. next one is Saturday, June 13th- Linden between Broadway & 1st - Long Beach

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