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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cooky Tattoos, Craft Party, & Cupcakes!

We start off today's post with the fabulous mango velvet cupcakes I made for a friend's bday. I usually hate cake but these were yummy! Paula Dean's Red Velvet Recipe sans the food dye, I had a lovely tower of them presented as we sang the birthday song.

My very 1st Ladies' Craft Party was a success! Not only did we have waaaay too much food, but the ideas were flowing as we sat by the sea and created. My girlfriends brought piles of ribbons, fabrics, papers, stickers, books, journals, dolls, feathers, you name it! My house was filled with artifacts from every generation and culture, just ready to be released into obscurity. I was so inspired by what was around me that it took some time to get into my own project, which I was able to finish later.

Impromptu Temporary Tattoo Time! Sometimes I have weird ideas, and this night was inspired by a book about tribal tattoos. Pretty soon my pretty sharpie had found its way onto everyone's skin. Next time use Henna! My arm was black for a week! Toxic? oh well, everyone liked their original Laurel Tattoos!
Stay tuned to see the finished collages that I started at the craft party!

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