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Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Make a Photo Bouquet

Sure a bulletin board can do the trick, but here's a creative and cheap solution for some of those catch-alls you aquire throughout the year.
Start with a large paperclip.
Using your fingers, straighten it out.
Then with needlenose pliers, or a jewelry tool, make a smaller paperclip at the end.
This will take come primping, but it should look like this..
Clip it to a photo of your choosing.
Then stick the straight end into a large wax candle, or styrofoam base.
Make a few more and you have a photo bouquet to display!
Switch out your photos every week or so, as you acquire new stuff, and don't forget to put the used stuff in a box marked with the year, so you don't let it just fall back on your desk!

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