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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gingerbread in the House! Part 2: Bit off more than I could chew..

When you're setting out to make a replica of a specific home, be sure to know that the hardest part will be the entire thing!

Every part of this project was difficult, except for tracing out the floor plan from Google Maps. That was the first step. Once I had my outline of the birds' eye view, I proceeded to attempt to draw out each wall, including every window and every door. This took FOREVER, and I was convinced when I was done that the hard part was over. It was not. After carefully cutting out each piece and baking them all just at the right temperature and time, I then had a million little pieces that all looked a lot like each other! Well, you know what happened next.. you start with two pieces and hold them up until they stand alone, then you go from there.

Once I had my base, it was time to roof it and drop some candy. I had purchased every piece of candy known to resemble anything, only to realize that this house is all stucco! Usually I deck out my gingerbread houses in tons of candy, covering the walls, ceilings, doors, but this was supposed to LOOK like the house, so all I had was a great big spanish tile roof and some stucco.

Now, you could say, "Well Laurel, so much foliage you could have added, there are trees and leaves and flowering plants all around this house! It is a wonderful garden splendor, with fruit trees, birds, grapevines, roses... and on and on". The answer to that is, "I got tired, and Christmas came". Here's what I got, the hubby helped with some stucco... and thank goodness no one was paying for this! I had a great time, but next year, it's back to M&Ms and spice drops covering a house that I make up in my head!
Cheers! Laurel

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