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Friday, September 5, 2008

Article about my Band in Random Lengths

Here's an article about my band, IL Faye. The picture is too small to read it, so i will quote: "IL Faye is set to perform at Taco Beach, on Pine Ave., Monday, September 15th. Pulling from their diverse backgrounds and influences, their music tapps into a variety of sounds including soulful harmonica jams, folkish and eclectic keyboard melodies, and a dynamic balance of vocals between lead singer Louie and keyboardist/singer Laurel. If you've had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform, you know it is a delight to stay till the end to watch them experiment and play a sort of 'musical chairs' with their instruments, often accompanied by some free style fun. Taco Beach is located at 211 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA."

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  1. how thrilling and exciting! I'm so happy for you!


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