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Sunday, February 13, 2011

L'Artiste Salon - Ladies' Beach Craft Party!

Last weekend I hosted my second ever craft party! I made some snacks, and a few crafty little party favors. Only ladies were invited, and some men were sad about it, but such is life. We need our girl time!

For my party favors I clipped off some succulents from my balcony garden and potted them in teacups.  My Mom brought all her beads for everyone to make bracelets!  We also had knitting, t-shirt bag designing, sketching, journal writing, and general craftiness.  I spent most of my time chatting up friends I hadn't seen in a long time, but managed to do some sketching as well.

One of my 'craftier' menu items was my halva, placed in a sunflower dish with sunflower seeds on top.

After everyone departed, I made this collage out of leftover strewn magazines.

Thanks to all who came!!  It was such a joy to have everyone here!
I can NOT wait for my next craft partyyy!!!! ciao! Laurel

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