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Monday, December 15, 2008

La Posada Magica at the South Coast REP

It has been a very long time since a play/musical moved me in such a way, that I said, "yes, this is a GREAT show!" I had no idea what I was in for. I have to admit, I went to the show because two of my friends were in it: Gloria Garayua, playing the lead, Gracie, and Denise Blasor, playing Consuelo and Widow. I may be biased, but there's a reason that Denise has been doing the show for 13+ years, and why Gloria was chosen over so many actresses who would have given anything for the role!

Gloria shines as she begins the journey with a sweet and captivating solo, highlighting her beautiful melodious voice. I was drawn in immediately through the music, and soon was thrust into the journey, la posada, which had so much influence on the character, Gracie, and the audience watching. Denise Blasor plays two roles, and each are so out there, that all I could do was laugh! The most magical part of the play for me was when Caridad and Consuelo came out.. and you have to go see it to know what I mean!!! It was hilarious!!!

I must give props to Sol Castillo, who really enveloped his role. Funny, Charming, Intriguing, he grasped the part of Refugio with vigor. Teresa Velarde was also such a delight. When I met her after the show, I didn't even recognize her! She consumed her role the same way her character consumed the box of See's Candies! Erica Ortega had such a beautiful soprano, that her good heart gave warmth to the whole show. The musicians were all a delight, as they scored the entire show with their fingers on their guitars, something I know can be difficult to do! Marcos Loya, the Musical Director, guided the perfomance with ease.

A special note for Octavio Solas, the playwright and director. I thought this play was soooo well written and sooo well directed, and then when I met Solas, I thought he was just the greatest gentlemen, and such an intriguing mind. We spoke about literature, and I told him I knew he would have packed shows, because this show is brilliant, hilarious, and magical! I cried 6 times thanks to Gloria Garayua, and I laughed hysterically the whole time thanks to the entire cast. 10 stars!

Playwright:SCR Associate Artist Octavio Solis

Denise Blasor - Consuela/Widow
Danny Bolero - Papi/Jose Cruz
Sol Castillo - Refugio/Buzzard
David DeSantos - Eli/Bones/Lauro
Gloria Garayua - Gracie
Marcos Loya - Musician/Ensemble
Lorenzo Martinez - Musician/Ensemble
Miguel Najera - Horacio
Erica Ortega - Mariluz/Mom
Teresa Velarde - Caridad/Widow
Creative Team:

Christopher Acebo - Scenic Design
Shigeru Yaji - Costume DesignLonnie
Rafael Alcaraz - Lighting Design
Marcos Loya - Musical Director
Gabriela Estrada - Choreographer
Nicholas C. Avila - Assistant Director

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